All Facts Considered

I am enjoying this beautiful last day of my four day weekend by looking out my window while doing homework. As much as I would prefer to do anything else, I was struck by a particular reading for class. It’s a joy to find something in my classwork that speaks to me as a person. Here are my favorite parts, taken from Kee Malesky’s introduction to All Facts Considered:

“Facts and information are the nourishment, the lifeblood, the raison detre, and also the bane and despair of librarians and researchers. Librarians tend to be generalists, people who know a little bit about a lot of things. Maybe that sounds superficial, but it makes a great reference librarian. We store up facts and information (and occasionally even knowledge or wisdom), connect them, organize and describe then, and make them accessible to the world. It’s that simple and that infinitely complex.

I am – we all are – Sherlock Holmes: deducing, eschewing factoids, chasing down the fact, wherever it leads.

I’ve always believed that being a librarian is a vocation, a calling, and not just a job. What we do matters in the world. Every moment of the day, I must be open to learning something that will help me to be a better librarian. If you live in the world and you pay attention to what is happening around you, you acquire information.”


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