Something You Thought You’d Lost

This story, like all good stories, starts with sushi…


One of my rare treats is my favorite sushi roll from a local Japanese restaurant. It has salmon, cream cheese, avocado. Oh, and did I mention it’s deep fried? As you can tell, it’s completely unhealthy, which is why I save it for special occasions.

Well, it had been a few months since I’d had it, so I decided to drop in on my way home. But when I got there, it was closed. The horror! I looked up their website. Gone. I couldn’t believe it. Never again would I eat their terrible, wonderful food. And it got me thinking.

The last time I was eating that sushi, I had no idea it would be the last time. Did I savor it? Did I really enjoy it? Probably not the same way I would have if I had known.

I think life is similar. When will something be the last time? Sometimes you don’t know. It makes me want to take the time to enjoy everything. Every place, every person, every moment. Because it might be the last time.

The happy ending to this story is that it was not the last time, after all. I passed by the restaurant the other day and saw the open sign on. It turns out they’ve changed the hours. I was able to go and have my sushi again. Did I slow down and enjoy it this time? You betcha.


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