Organizing Bliss

Well, Target did it again.

I think they excel in providing things you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without.

Last week I was there on a perfectly innocent shopping trip when I came across these cosmetic counter organizers. I’ve admired the style of clear acrylic trays for a while but never seen any I liked within my price range. I’ll admit these were a bit of a splurge. When I got home and arranged everything in them, I knew they were totally worth it.

Before & After

These are pretty and functional. The part of my brain that loves organizing did a little flip when I finished. I love being able to keep all of my polishes and makeup together and easily accessible. I think they are a great storage solution and would highly recommend them.

I bought both of these at my local Target. I’m having trouble tracking them down on their website, so it might be easier just to check in stores. They are by the brand Caboodles. It also looks like they are avaible at Ulta, although they’re more expensive there.


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