Another Cupcake Review


I’ve already shared my love of Gigi’s Cupcakes here. When I saw their new spring flavors, I made a beeline to my nearest location. Here’s a rundown of each.

IMG_1621Raspberry Peach Blossom

“Moist peach cake baked with peaches, peach schnapps cinnamon and raspberry filling topped with raspberry buttercream, a fresh raspberry and fondant blossoms.”

I thought raspberry and peach was a weird combination, but somehow it works. If you like fruit flavors, you’ll love this one.


Lemon Daisy

“Rich Lemon cake baked with Sprite and filled with lemon filling and topped with lemon cream cheese frosting daisy.”

For lemon-lovers. I love fruit filling, and this one doesn’t suffer from an overabundance of icing like some of the others. This one was probably the least attractive, but still yummy.

IMG_1694Champagne Bouquet

“Pink champagne cake topped with a champagne cream cheese frosting and buttercream roses with crystal sugar.”

This one wins the award for prettiest, in my opinion. I would recommend it to people who prefer plain cake and icing over some of the wilder flavors. The cream cheese frosting is my favorite.

IMG_1697Triple Chocolate Torte

“Rich, dark chocolate cake with a brownie texture, baked without flour, topped with a chocolate ganache rose and powdered sugar.”

Must-try for chocoholics. A tad crunchy around the edges for my taste. I think heating this one up would make it even better. Glass of milk required.

Verdict: I would eat any of these flavors again. The only way to choose depends on your mood. Or better yet, why not get one of each?



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