Vacation Must Haves

I’ll be on vacation for the end of June, and since is the time of year when a lot of people take a summer holiday I thought I’d share my travel essentials.


Toiletries Bag

I cannot travel without this. Invariable something will drip, leak, or spill in your suitcase. Not only are these bags good for packing, but they also minimize the damage should your perfume bottle shatter in transit like mine did recently. Luckily, the bag prevented it from getting on my clothes and other items. For added protection, put the items inside of sandwich bags first and then put then toiletries bag inside of a plastic grocery bag. This may seem excessive, but you’ll be grateful when it saves your favorite shoes from the shampoo with a faulty top.

Packing Cubes

These have been hyped a lot recently, so I decided to purchase a set. I think they’re a tad expensive for what they are. That being said, I’m officially a new convert. I would be interested to know if there are cheaper versions available because I’d like to purchase more. While I definitely think they help save space in your bag, the biggest selling point to me is the ease of organizing and finding clothes. You can easily take out a cube and find what you’re looking for (t shirt, socks, etc.) without destroying the delicate balance that allows you to zip your suitcase without standing on it.


I’ve learned my lesson about traveling on an empty stomach. If you’re like me and you start feeling ill when you haven’t eaten, do yourself a favor and buy food to carry with you ahead of time. Things that come in individually wrapped portions like crackers or granola bars are ideal. You can slip a few in your carry on to eat on the go. They’ll save you when that fifteen-minute delay turns into an hour.


Don’t get stuck somewhere with nothing to do. Bring a movie to watch for the flight. If you’re the earlier riser in the group, keep a journal about the trip. This can easily be personalized to your own interests, and it makes time go by quicker. For instance, I love books but I tend to get motion sick when traveling. I like to bring along an audio book to listen to during the flight or car ride. The logistics of getting to your destination are never fun. Bringing something to do can at least make it bearable.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are the one thing I don’t actually own that I wish I did. I had forgotten how loud airplanes are. At times I was struggling to hear what I was listening to, even though the volume was set as high as it could go. My measly ear buds couldn’t cut it. Sometimes when travel feels overwhelming, you want to be able to retreat into your own little bubble. I’m thinking it’s about time I invest in a good pair of headphones.

That’s all of my must haves for going on vacation. If you’re going anywhere this summer, I hope you have a great trip! Let me know in the comments what your must have items are.


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